Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Girl with Flowers in Her Hair

Have you ever seen a girl so pretty?
Or more talented?
I haven't, at least not lately.
From some time ago I've been memorized by the sound of Lana Del Rey.  Now, it's like this for many, and though I am somewhat shaken up by her sudden popularity (because I was perfectly content keeping her as my personal music genius) I am extremely happy for her,  and wish her all the success in the world.
I have wanted to make this review for sometime now, but unfortunately I've waited so long that now this will just be another blog from the many that write about her greatness.  However, I want to run that risk and write about her anyway.

Ever since her first released EP in 2009 tittled "Kill Kill" it sounded like Ms. Del Rey (Stage name: Lana Del Rey) was aiming for the stars.  It wasn't until recently however that she's finally had a breakthrough of a lifetime.  Sometimes, the music world can be deaf, dense, and dumb which is probably why it hadn't noticed her before.  Now signed with Interscope and her recent wining of a 2011 Q Award for The Next Big Thing (because of the undeniable success of "Video Games") her music career promises to be legendary.

Songs like, "Diet Mtn. Dew", "Kinda Outta Luck", "Blue Jeans", etc. really win you over without much effort, and captivate your spirit like many artists have failed to do so recently.

Amongst all the trash from recent media, there stands tall, the girl with flowers in her hair.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Lana Del Rey.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Listen to the shooting Asteroids!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour that is!

         Not too long ago, about a year ago I was invited to a birthday party.  There, a few of my friends had invited their friends, and their friends had invited theirs.  It just so happens, we started talking about music, and what else we could listen to - Haadi (a Danish guy visiting New York) was talking to me about this cool band he'd heard about and was going crazy over.  We played them at the party, and since that day I've been an avid listener of theirs as well!  They were in New York City last Tuesday having a show at the Bowery and I have to say, they were spectacular.  The lead's voice is so peculiar and clean and all in all pretty and along with the rest of the instruments the experience of watching them perform becomes enchanting.  Even my friend (the one I brought to the show with me) fell in love with them, he bought their album and everything.
They were in a beer commercial as well! 
 See if you've seem them before!

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation to Heineken, or The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Living out a fairy tale in color!

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation to the Lime Crime Corporation,  I'm just a long time follower, and admirer.  

       As Children many would want to live in a fairy tale for ever.  As we grow up that fairy tale idea either gets forgotten, or disappears due to its impracticality in our every day lives, we end up having other things and ideas to worry about.  Since 2008 Ms. Doe Deere has set out to bring the magic back.  We can now all enjoy the playfulness and beauty of a fairy tale with her make up line, Lime Crime and all the invigorating aray colors put forth by her for our enjoyment.  Eye shadows and lipsticks for every ocasion in that make it seem that your best friend is a Unicorn.  I've tried many colors already, including RETROFUTURIST, COUNTESSA FLUORESCENT, CENTRIFUCHSIA, AIRBORNE UNICORN and GREAT PINK (for the lipsticks).  (For the shadows) I've tried DRAGON SCALES, TWILIGHT, CUPCAKE THIEF, ABRA ABRACADABRA and MIRROR MIRROR.  I have been fascinated, to say the least with every single purchase I've made to the company, and they have the best costumer service!

Ms. Deere's products are all cruelty free, and most of the shades are vegan,
plus the packaging of the products have a sparkly little unicorn as the logo ...

Long live the Unicorn Queen!

Need a little glow?

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Too Faced.  I am not being paid to write about this product.

       I wanted to make some time to talk about the newest product on my favorites list.  It's the Too Faced Primed & Poreless.  This particular primer, that is aimed to give a porcelain finish on your face, does exactly what it advertises.  For sometime now, I have been looking for a product that would either shrink or make my pores look as detectless as possible.  I've tried many products and countless home remedies to help the process of the pore shrinkage along, but it still didn't look porcelain clean, like I wanted my skin to look.  Until I found this product.  The cost at it at Sephora was 30$, but they were very well spent, the results were irrefutable.  I don't have acne on my face, and besides the pore issue, I really don't have much trouble with my skin (besides sensitivity), so I don't use concealers, or foundations, and moisturizing cream only when the harsh New York City winter dries up my skin - so I used the product as is, on its own (though I think its made so that it looks great with additional make up).  On top of making my pores look virtually invisible, it also gives me a healthy glow with its vitamins A, C and Mulberry extract.

After trying this primer, I assure you, most likely I will stay with it for ever, it's my new "can leave my house without" item.

The product's duration after opening the sealed package is of 12 months, 
and it's cruelty free!! Which is AMAZING!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Armani in Black & White

Disclaimer: I have no connections to any company being discussed in this blog entry.  I'm extremely com çi com ça about Armani, Rihanna, and everyone that worked or was involved on this project (this specific short film).  This is simply an opinion on the actual art of the project, how it was captured, produced and executed to the public.

       I received this short film as a Fashion Update from FTAPE Magazine yesterday.  The present Armani short film opens with the lights of a car that swoon in rapidly, in a black and white parking lot setting with accents of high key lighting to intense the drama of the situation.  There is an attractive gentleman apparently waiting for someone or something standing impatiently next to a preplaced allegedly costly vehicle.  Almost immediately,  what this first man was waiting for, arrives.  A second, also seemingly attractive man, a chauffeur, hands him a small leather gym bag after after driving in, in another expensive looking automobile after whomever was in the first car honks briefly.  The first gentleman takes said gym bag to this woman waiting in the car.  The role of the femme fatale in this story is portrayed by the singer Rihanna.  I was somewhat thrown off by the fact that it was her that was advertising for such an important name in fashion, but I was even more surprised with what they did with her.  They completely deleted her identity to make her seem as absolutely nothing except her womanness (if I make myself understood).  Also, I'm not a listener of her art or really know of what she's capable of, musically speaking, but I think for the situation, this was probably the worst song they could have selected.  They could have picked anyone at all to show breasts and legs, and for a brief moment, this getting dressed/undressed scene becomes almost uncomfortable.  Watching this I realized that the black and white element used for the short film, was also used to erase her ethnicity.  I'm not sure if this was their intention but I would have liked this brief somewhat if they showed her actual color, if they weren't afraid to show her  womanness for what it really is, in all its beauty.  Anyway, as soon as she's done dressing herself, having completely changed her outfit (and showing the Armani logo for like a second) you see her face (clearly this time) while she zips up the top of her jacket.  I really apologize to Rihanna and her devoted followers, but this is AN ARMANI COMMERCIAL, they could have done something a lot more productive with her hair, it looks like a terrible hair cut and an awful dye job.  Unless it's a wig, in which case I would have one comment, "hair and make up people, fix it, it's crooked" there is no reason why she should look like this, cheap, to sum it up in one word.  Then Rihanna proceeds to the elevator where she finds the chauffeur (the second gentleman from before) and gives a shy little laugh as the elevator doors close, and the short film comes to an end.  I didn't understand it, maybe I'm really dense (which, I'm sure, I'm probably not) but this, artistically speaking, this was completely infertile and uninspiring.  I don't even feel like it might be a very good advert, plainly intrinsically in itself because I (the costumer, and who this commercial was probably aimed for) was not in the least bit inclined to buy anything Armani, at least for the rest of this season.