Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living out a fairy tale in color!

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation to the Lime Crime Corporation,  I'm just a long time follower, and admirer.  

       As Children many would want to live in a fairy tale for ever.  As we grow up that fairy tale idea either gets forgotten, or disappears due to its impracticality in our every day lives, we end up having other things and ideas to worry about.  Since 2008 Ms. Doe Deere has set out to bring the magic back.  We can now all enjoy the playfulness and beauty of a fairy tale with her make up line, Lime Crime and all the invigorating aray colors put forth by her for our enjoyment.  Eye shadows and lipsticks for every ocasion in that make it seem that your best friend is a Unicorn.  I've tried many colors already, including RETROFUTURIST, COUNTESSA FLUORESCENT, CENTRIFUCHSIA, AIRBORNE UNICORN and GREAT PINK (for the lipsticks).  (For the shadows) I've tried DRAGON SCALES, TWILIGHT, CUPCAKE THIEF, ABRA ABRACADABRA and MIRROR MIRROR.  I have been fascinated, to say the least with every single purchase I've made to the company, and they have the best costumer service!

Ms. Deere's products are all cruelty free, and most of the shades are vegan,
plus the packaging of the products have a sparkly little unicorn as the logo ...

Long live the Unicorn Queen!

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