Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Girl with Flowers in Her Hair

Have you ever seen a girl so pretty?
Or more talented?
I haven't, at least not lately.
From some time ago I've been memorized by the sound of Lana Del Rey.  Now, it's like this for many, and though I am somewhat shaken up by her sudden popularity (because I was perfectly content keeping her as my personal music genius) I am extremely happy for her,  and wish her all the success in the world.
I have wanted to make this review for sometime now, but unfortunately I've waited so long that now this will just be another blog from the many that write about her greatness.  However, I want to run that risk and write about her anyway.

Ever since her first released EP in 2009 tittled "Kill Kill" it sounded like Ms. Del Rey (Stage name: Lana Del Rey) was aiming for the stars.  It wasn't until recently however that she's finally had a breakthrough of a lifetime.  Sometimes, the music world can be deaf, dense, and dumb which is probably why it hadn't noticed her before.  Now signed with Interscope and her recent wining of a 2011 Q Award for The Next Big Thing (because of the undeniable success of "Video Games") her music career promises to be legendary.

Songs like, "Diet Mtn. Dew", "Kinda Outta Luck", "Blue Jeans", etc. really win you over without much effort, and captivate your spirit like many artists have failed to do so recently.

Amongst all the trash from recent media, there stands tall, the girl with flowers in her hair.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Lana Del Rey.

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