Sunday, October 9, 2011

Listen to the shooting Asteroids!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour that is!

         Not too long ago, about a year ago I was invited to a birthday party.  There, a few of my friends had invited their friends, and their friends had invited theirs.  It just so happens, we started talking about music, and what else we could listen to - Haadi (a Danish guy visiting New York) was talking to me about this cool band he'd heard about and was going crazy over.  We played them at the party, and since that day I've been an avid listener of theirs as well!  They were in New York City last Tuesday having a show at the Bowery and I have to say, they were spectacular.  The lead's voice is so peculiar and clean and all in all pretty and along with the rest of the instruments the experience of watching them perform becomes enchanting.  Even my friend (the one I brought to the show with me) fell in love with them, he bought their album and everything.
They were in a beer commercial as well! 
 See if you've seem them before!

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation to Heineken, or The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

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