Monday, January 30, 2012

Paris and Pearls

      Nothing more beautiful than Parisian Inspired Vintage Handmade Jewelry that can adorn your senses. You'll be able to see delicacy of the craftsmanship in the piece, you won't be able to resist to touch it's impeccable detail and it's refined fixtures, you'll think you'll hear that special someone whispering a French lullaby, and you'll imagine you're standing in the charming cobble stone streets of Paris, smelling and even tasting the macaroons and croissants.

Paris and Pearls is a petite place that allows you to take a tiny piece of the golden age and keep it all to yourself. No more wondering what it's like fall in love in Paris, with these vintage pieces others will think you just came back from the chicest boutique in Champs-Élysées with all the Les amants de Paris.

Every piece will take you breath away, starting from apparently simple but captivating Rose Pink Ring to my personal favorite the Lady Purple Pendant, to the most exquisite in the collection, the Paris Pocket Watch.

Here's the best part! Paris and Pearls ships internationally! Only £3 for any item and a mere 50 pence for any other additional item! (about 4 US dollars, and about 1$ more for any additional item). The romance of the city for lovers can now garnish your wardrobe and emphasize the amour in your outfits. Your body language will now be able to speak in an accent of love.

oui oui

Don't forget to visit Paris and Pearls here.

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